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'CHILD begins new collaborative endeavor with Dr Gayathri Deepak, CHETANA ( Centre for holistic empowerment of teachers ,children and adolescents )'
We welcome you to the Global Leadership & Development program .The goal of this program is to bridge the gap between science and practice, by using Positive Psychology interventions to enhance wellbeing. Positive psychology has brought us a diverse set of scientifically tested exercises and positive interventions; the question is: “what does a valuable life look like and how can this be achieved?’ Getting rid of fear, anger, and depression will not automatically fill you with peace, love, and joy. Getting rid of weaknesses will not automatically maximize your strengths.

The focus is not on what is wrong and on repairing what is worst, but first and foremost on strengths, what is right and on creating what is best. The goal is to help move closer to a desired outcome, to a desired goal .GLAD is comprised of a group of three different workshops aimed to bring out the leadership qualities in College students, School students and corporate employees.