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WORK SHOPS – 2011 -2012

February – 23rd Queen Mary’s College Students’ stress management program

February – 24th Anna University – Workshop for faculty members

February – 25th Parenting matters – Understanding anxiety in children

March – 26th Parenting program – Sangford schools - Perungudi

April – 15th Ethiraj College for women – Workshop for faculty members – ‘Understanding students’

April – 20th Ramakrishna Mission – Teacher training program

June – 21st Ethiraj College for women- Orientation program for 3000 students

July – 14th, 15th MANAS – Psychometry for students of SSK (Sir Siva Swamy Kalalaya)

July – 16th Sikshana – Parents of adolescents AVM matriculation HSS

August 6th – SSK – Sishu – Parents of preteen SSK

August 31st – Sishya – AVM School teachers program

November to December – Svendborg – Denmark, Attended training at Maersk training centre

December – 1 – 3rd – Paper presented at Excellence in Child Mental Health Conference, Turkey, Istanbul

2012 January – 5 – 6 CISR (Chinmaya International – Residential School)-Sishya, Teacher training program

February 4, 2012 - Teacher Training workshop

April 7 ,2012 – Expert in panel discussion ‘Respecting Aspirations of Children in Education” at PSBB ,KK Nagar .


Promoting emotional literacy in schools

If you have a door slamming child at your house, or a child who keeps outgrowing all of his/her clothes and if you're wondering what is going on inside of your child's head at this time of his/her life, join us to unravel the mysteries with the right attitude at the right time…

SISHU -One day workshop for Parents of Toddlers to Preteens

Knowing your child inside out

-  Brain and its functions

-  Multiple Intelligence and your children

-  Importance of childhood memory

-  Creativity in children

-  All in the Mind

Raising your child with values and vision

-  Parenting style

-  Creating a sense of security

-  Fostering a sense of belonging

-  Strengthening a sense of identity

-  Inspiring a sense of purpose

-  Building a sense of competence

-  Becoming the parent you want to be



SISHYA - One day workshop for parents of adolescents and adolescents

"Understanding Yourself through Puberty "for adolescents

1. Emotional (identifying, understanding and coping with emotional disparities such as mood swings, temper outbursts, frustration, anxiety and depression)

2. Social and Behavioral (tackling expectations of immediate family, peer pressure and demands of society by large)

3. Intellectual (tackling competition, enhancing performance and aptitude enhancement)

4. Physical (nutrition, understanding hormones and acceptance of the new body image)

"Understanding Your Young Adolescent" for parents

  • Self management : A Saga of Discovering your Mind, Body and Soul
  • Relationship management : Fostering positive relationship with your spouse, working toward evolution and growth of the relationship from the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects
  • Teen-Child Management: How to cope with adolescent years, managing early adolescent behavior (developing effective management techniques; ways to make communication more effective), what teenagers think you should know.
  • Crisis-Management: Coping with challenges from family and society at large

Sikshana one day workshop for teachers

-  Coping with stress

-  Coping with parents

-  Effective class room management

-  Supporting pupils learning

-  Being an effective colleague

-  Communicating with children

-  Positive discipline

-  Motivating students

MANAS- One Day workshop for Corporates

Stress Management through Cognitive behavior Therapy

-  Happiness at workplace

-  What is Stress?

-  Signs Of stress

-  Managing stress and tips for stress management

-  Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy

-  CBT Model

-  Identifying negative thoughts

-  Cognitive Distortions

-  Behavioral Activation

-  Mindfulness Affirmation